The Responsible Sourcing of IQS Seafood

Responsible Sourcing, Responsible Fisheries


In recent years, demand for sustainable use of renewable resources, including fish stocks, has increased greatly throughout the world. Sustainability is almost becoming a key word in seafood industry. Sustainable and responsible fisheries management in Iceland is of a fundamental importance as fisheries are one of the main pillars of the Icelandic economy. The seafood industry is meeting demands of seafood buyers for sustainable use of marine resources with Iceland Responsible Fisheries programme, developed on the basis of commitments made through national law and international agreements.


In 2007, the Statement on Responsible Fisheries in Iceland was released. The statement was a response to market demands for sustainable utilization of marine resources and was designed to inform buyers on how fisheries management is conducted in Iceland and that controls would be based on the best scientific knowledge. It also stated that the Government undertakes to obey international law and agreements on access to marine resources, which they have signed.

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